The Best Bike Helmets You Can Buy Right Now


The bike is a sensation among youngsters. The two-wheeler namely a bike is always the first choice for a speedy, smooth, and hassle-free journey to any place. The bike is more affordable than cars. Nowadays bike has also become the style statement for youngsters. The bike has also some drawbacks like it is more prone to accidents. So, for protection, there are bike helmets. A helmet is an essential part of a bike; it protects your head from serious damage if any accidents happen.

The type of helmet is determined by the type of bike. For ultimate protection, you should buy the best bike helmets for a safe ride. You have to make sure that you have one of the best road bike helmets as you go on the streets. Wherever you are going, you have to use a helmet as a bike helmet means the difference between life and death. Statistics show that more than ninety percent of people who die in accidents were not wearing a bike helmet. So, it is a serious matter to think about.

Things to consider

You can just go with any type of helmet according to your riding habits and your spending for comfort and aesthetics. You will always want a bike helmet that fits properly. The fit should be snug enough to lose and tight the rear adjustment dial to take the helmet on and off. A well-fitted helmet should feel relatively weightless and comfortable. Due to sweat and heat bike helmets lose their power over time. Choosing the best bike helmets depends on the riders. It is determined by the need of the riders and also by the budget of the rider. Below we have discussed some factors to consider while buying a bike helmet:

  • Helmet type

There are mainly three categories of bike helmets:

  1. Road biking is generally lighter in weight, with better ventilation and designs.
  1. Mountain biking is available with a front visor for great protection and more coverage in the back.
  1. Commuter biking is designed for a little bit of everything.
  • Comfort

The matter of comfort and safety is interlinked with bike helmets. You have to be careful while choosing a bike helmet as you may end up adjusting an uncomfortable helmet. For example, pushing up the rim until it goes above your forehead to protect against your face, and loosening straps for a snug fit. If you are going for racing and long-distance rides, then you should consider lighter helmets for summer with extra ventilation like the best bike helmets mountain.

  • Visibility

Visibility is the most important factor to consider while guying bike helmets. A bike helmet with poor visibility is dangerous for a biker. According to some experts, bike helmets in bright colors ways are the safest. You should try helmets of bright colors. And for night riding, helmets with built-in lights are recommended.

  • Fitting

The fitting of a helmet is important; otherwise, it will make you feel uncomfortable. For long-time bike riders, comfortable bike helmets are essential. Some brands provide wide sizing and clear guidance on adjustability and measurements. Choose the best road bike helmet for perfect fitting.


The appearance of a helmet or how it looks is a prime factor for many bike riders. Studies show that people tend to select helmets that are pleasing to the eyes. If a helmet feels unflatteringly bulky with odd looks people do not go with that.

  • Impact testing

Your choice of a bike helmet can be a smart purchase if it has a CPSC sticker, comfortably fits your head, and matches your budget, and then it could help save your life. For this, you should go with those helmets which have passed the additional voluntary testing by independent authorities such as Consumer Reports.

  • MIPS technology

All the available modern bike helmets will help you in protecting the skull against direct, high-impact injuries. But they are sometimes ineffective against concussion, especially in the case of secondary hits, like falling off a bike. Such minor accidents can impose harmful forces on the brain, causing its tissue to stretch.

To prohibit these effects, Swedish scientists have developed MIPS. It refers to a thin web of yellow plastic in helmet interiors that moves and flexes upon impact. Though many experts are divided on whether it works or not. If you are looking for a new helmet in the market then you should helmets with MIPS.

Types of bike helmets

The invention of bikes dates back to the remote past. Bikes have gone through significant evolution with major innovations so as bike helmets. This has transformed the overall form and features of bikes. Presently there are different types of bikes available, like:

  • Road Bike
  • Mountain Bike
  • Touring Bike
  • Folding Bike
  • Electric Bike
  • BMX
  • Recumbent Bike
  • Cruiser

Choosing the best bike helmets is a difficult task. Every type of bike has different types of helmets. You may get baffled by so many types of bikes but you don’t need to know about every type of it. Before choosing the perfect helmet for your bike, it is very important to know what you are looking for. Different types of bikes like road bikes, mountain bikes, or hybrid bikes require different types of helmets. Your decision entirely rests upon your personal preferences and biking needs.

As said before different type of bike requires different types of helmets. Here are some examples of several types of bike helmets:

  • Giro Register MIPS

Giro Register MIPS may be the best bike helmet for those who don’t like to wear helmets. It was one of the lightest helmets and extremely comfortable.

  • Bell Trace MIPS

For a variety of uses and the least amount of fussing, the Bell Trace MIPS helmet is very effective. It makes you feel comfortable even in hot and cool conditions. Well, it may not be a stylish helmet, but in the matter of size, it accurately fits with the dial-and-cable fitting system for easy use. It has a less radical and more reserved style than several other models

  • Thousand Chapter MIPS Helmet

Thousand makes you believe that even after wearing a helmet you look cool. The brand is best known for its retro-styled, enclosed biker helmets. This helmet has a thick foam layer to protect you more from the elements, like dust and dirt in urban environments.

  • Bell Super Air R

Especially for mountain bikers, the Bell Super Air R would be the best choice. You can quickly remove the chin guard that comes with this helmet. For clear visibility, the visor has three positions.

  • Lazer Blade + MIPS

The Lazer Blade+MIPS helmet is an open, well-ventilated model and easy to adjust. It uses a unique thumb screw that tightens or loosens the interior cage.

  • Specialized S-Works Prevail II

Specialized S-Works Prevail II is the most technical helmet among all types. It starts with a carbon and fiber layer which gives it rigidity and lightness. The MIPS technology impacts the deflection system. There is a sensor attached to the helmet. This will trigger a countdown to an alarm by using the Specialized Ride app.

  • Bontrager Specter WaveCel Helmet

The Specter model is very comfortable but it is a little narrower than other reputed bike helmets. It has a less bulky appearance. The helmet uses the BOA fit system for perfect adjustment. The Specter also has a magnetic snap on the chin strap for an easier clasp.

  • Scott Vivo Plus

One of the most comfortable road rider helmets is the Scott Vivo Plus. Among the best bike helmets, it is a little bit heavier than others. It doesn't use longitudinal vents for a perfect aero flow. For this reason, it will generate more heat than others.

  • Smith Express

The Smith Express is designed especially for urban riders who favor city streets. It comes with an enclosed design. That’s why it is a warmer helmet, and better suited to cold weather. Because of its enclosed design, it appears less bulky than typically vented helmets.

  • POC Axion SPIN

POC's Axion SPIN is suitable for off-road riding like riding on city streets. This makes it one of the best bike helmets for those who want one type of helmet for a variety of conditions. The Axion has the MIPS impact system that uses POC's solution.

  • POC Ventral Lite

The POC Ventral Lite is the coolest bike helmet available on the market. It is the lightest helmet that also gives you a solution to sweat problems after wearing helmets. But one drawback is that Ventral is not as comfortable as some other models.

  • Lumos Ultra MIPS

Congested city streets cause dangers for cyclists. The Lumos Ultra is designed for withstanding these types of serious problems. It comes with a front LED headlight in the rear of the helmet and a built-in rechargeable battery.

Steps to choosing the right bike helmet

The very first step in choosing the best road bike helmet is determined by your use. If you are one of those who like rowdy trails and big air, then consider a trial or enduro model. It will provide more protection for the back of your head than any other road-style helmet. Road-style helmets prioritize ventilation and back safety.

Downhill helmets have removable chin bars for more protection. Road and mountain bike helmets are light with proper ventilation. But they lack the protection of trail helmets. They are not designed to accommodate goggles.

Some helmets are a little tight to withstand rough and tumble urban use. They are generally designed with commuters in mind. They have features such as built-in lighting and poor ventilation with a more casual aesthetic.

Best bike helmets

After doing numerous testing of the top models, we think the best bike helmet is the Giro Register MIPS. It is recommended by most users. It is lighter and very comfortable to wear for long periods. Also, it has extra padding and an adjustment system for a perfect fit. Plus, it is available at affordable prices. For something more subdued, you can go with the Bell Trace. It has a more modest design and is available at affordable prices.

For mountain bikers, the best mountain bike helmet would be the Bell Super Air R. It has a chin guard to protect your entire face. It offers a comfortable fit with any padding. Because of that, it may feel heavier in weight but its plenty of ventilation keeps your glasses from fogging up. Added to this, the chin guard section is removable for those who don’t need it. For visibility, the visor has three positions. So for uphill bike riding, you can push it back, so that, it cannot obstruct your view. If you are a frequent mountain biker, then the Bell Super Air R would be the best investment.

In this blog, we have tried to give you useful information about several bike helmets. Using a helmet for a bike is a must for bike riders as it is about your life. Keeping in mind several factors about bike helmets you should choose diligently. Experts recommend going with the safest one. Don’t worry about looks all the time; protection should be your priority. And another factor is, that it is very to find a bike helmet that has all the essential features from looking to safety.

Apart from this, there are several bike helmets separately for men and women. So, choosing the best bike helmets for men and the best bike helmets for women is not a different factor. As we wear helmets primarily for protecting our heads from serious injuries. You can check both online and marketplaces for the best road bike helmets and buy them according to your requirements. You can also compare them in terms of price, size, and comfort. Online platforms have a wide collection to choose the best mountain bike helmet if you are a frequent mountain rider and also the best road bike helmet for daily use.