What is a dual visor helmet?


Strong helmets with dual visors that improve on-road visibility also protect your face from debris, mud, and dirt. Dual visor full-face motorcycle helmets are also well-liked because of their attractive design and distinctive appearance. These double visor helmets are the ideal choice for you to buy if you frequently ride in severe weather conditions.

The variety of colors and tints used on helmet visors is due to the fluctuating brightness of the road. For example, a reflective and tinted visor might be excellent for summer's bright days, but it might not function well at night or on wet days.

While switching between clear and tinted visors will significantly improve your visibility for weather, some people may find it highly inconvenient. This is why riders may flip into and out of a darker visor shade using double-visor helmets.

Even if the rider benefits from this feature in numerous ways, there are still certain advantages to selecting a single full-face visor motorcycle helmet over a double visor helmet. So, which one should you pick? First, find out which visor style could suit you best.

Recognize the Value of Wearing a Helmet

Storm modular full-face motorcycle helmets with dual visors are an essential piece of safety equipment for both riders and passengers. However, people frequently neglect to wear these safety head gears, which results in risky mishaps. Therefore, you must educate yourself on the value of wearing a helmet to prevent such incidents. To assist you in realizing the importance of wearing a helmet, we have provided a list of various advantages.

The significance of a helmet is invaluable for the following reasons:

lessens the likelihood of head injuries

In recent years, the safety of highways has declined. This is because there are so many cars there that they are congested. Additionally, most motorists and passengers frequently disobey fundamental traffic laws and rules.

Accidents and other traffic-related incidents have increased as a result. While riding a two-wheeler might be exciting, there is some risk involved. Injuries and accidents are more likely to occur when riding a bike than driving a car.

Therefore, wearing a full-face dual visor motorcycle helmet when riding a bike is essential since it will protect the rider from severe head injuries that might be fatal. In addition, your head will be protected from any significant impacts in the sad event of a traffic accident.

Safeguards the eyes

It might not be easy on the eyes to ride a bike. Sharp wind, blazing sun, and dust particles can cause excruciating discomfort and inconvenience, impair your vision, and cause unfavorable situations.

Long-term exposure to such harmful elements can also cause severe eye problems, ultimately impacting riders' health. While riding, a helmet will shield your eyes from such harm.

Protection against chilly winds

Bikers have an additional set of difficulties throughout the winter. In addition to being uncomfortable, the piercingly cold wind also obscures vision. A helmet protects you from the chilly breeze when you ride in the winter, so you may avoid having an uncomfortable and challenging ride.

Prevents a fine for you

Although, in theory, it shouldn't be a benefit to wear a helmet, it does assist prevent fines. Riders and passengers must wear helmets, per current government regulations.

Moreover, a gas station may decline to fill your bike if you show up without a full-face visor motorcycle helmet. People who disobey this traffic law face steep fines. The value of wearing a helmet involves, among many other things, the advantage of avoiding traffic tickets and penalties. You can save a lot of money by wearing headgear instead of paying expensive traffic fines.

Increases your style factor

How often have you watched your favorite character drive off on a stylish bike while donning a gleaming helmet? Of course, wearing a helmet is essential for more than just safety and comfort. It also considerably enhances your style.But, of course, you can always pick the helmet to improve your appearance and sense of style.

Is a storm modular full-face motorcycle helmet with a dual visor a wise choice?


The first and possibly most crucial thing to consider is if a double-visor helmet is more practical than a single-visor helmet. The dual visor helmet is without a doubt the most suitable option when it comes to general use and functionality.

It offers the rider a simple-to-use mechanism to see the road clearly or with tint. The sole drawback to this process is that riders need to clean and maintain two visors within the helmet. Due to the small confines inside the helmet, cleaning the drop-down visor may frequently be more challenging than cleaning single outside bills.

On the other side, single-visor helmets are far more fundamental and have fewer moving parts. As a result, a spare visor must be carried around and manually switched by the side of the road or during a pit break if riders want to alternate between clear and tinted visors.

Comparing this move to a double visor helmet may involve a few more steps, but some riders enjoy the ease of having fewer moving parts in their helmets. It might also be appropriate for cyclists who only ride at certain times of day and do not need to swap between different visors throughout a single ride.


The weight is an additional consideration. For most riders, the difference of a few grams on the helmet may seem insignificant, but after many hours and days of riding, an additional 100 grams can seriously strain the shoulders and neck.

In general, single-visor helmets weigh much less than double-visor helmets. For instance, the single-visor HJC RPHA 11 weighs about 1300 grams, while its dual-visor HJC RPHA 70 equivalent weighs about 1480 kilos. For many riders, weight might be a significant consideration when deciding between single and double-visor helmets.


You might also want to consider how the helmet appears if you're worried about how you appear when riding a motorcycle. A single-visor helmet allows wearers to choose from various outer visors, such as reflective visors, smoked visors, tinted visors, and more, to add flair to their everyday appearance.

On the other hand, because the internal visor would be unnecessary, double-visor helmets frequently have fewer exterior visor alternatives. As a result, the rider who is pickier about appearance will benefit more from single-visor helmets.

Advantages Of Wearing A full-face motorcycle helmet dual visor

Many motorcycle riders choose not to wear helmets because they feel that doing so interferes with the sense of freedom that riding a motorcycle is supposed to bring. However, failing to wear a helmet while operating a bike might have fatal results. A helmet is a piece of necessary motorcycle equipment that protects your head and face from harm in the event of an accident or, at the very least, lessens its effects.

Motorcycle riders must exercise caution and regularly wear a full-face dual visor motorcycle helmet to prevent head, neck, or facial injuries that could be fatal or restrict their movement. Pillion riders are permitted to wear helmets as an additional measure of protection.

To ensure a safe riding experience, you may consider a helmet's numerous safety features while purchasing one. For example, you may choose a helmet with a double visor and pump action features for increased safety from potential accidents.

A motorcycle helmet's visor is a mask-like element that helps cover the rider's full head for better protection against unanticipated accidents. Rider safety can be increased with a double visor function helmet.

Instead of lifting the complete face mask, as with single-visor helmets, users of double-visor helmets can merely elevate the front shield. This feature ensures that even when you lift your visor, you still have the best possible facial protection.

In the summer, dual-visor helmets can be beneficial for bikers. Due to the heat and the discomfort that wearing a full-face helmet may cause in the form of excessive sweating and heat, most riders choose not to wear helmets during the summer. They can facilitate airflow in warm weather by elevating only the front shield of their double-visor helmets rather than the complete mask while maintaining their safety and protection.

Additionally, double-visor helmets serve the dual purpose of promoting airflow and serving as the rider's sunglasses. The inside visor can be flipped up when not used by the riders or left down to protect their eyes from the sun. By pressing a little button on the side of a helmet, one can easily manage this lifting of the inner visor.

When purchasing a helmet, one must consider how well it will fit the rider's head. Ensure the dual visor full-face motorcycle helmets your purchase do not fit your head too tightly or too loosely. However, elements like humidity can readily change a helmet's fitness. The dimensions of your helmet may become excessively tight or loose due to changes in humidity levels. You can rely on a helmet's cutting-edge pump action mechanism to avoid this common issue.

A helmet's pump action feature ensures a better fit, which uses an air pump to alter the cheek pads to suit the rider comfortably. You can get a high-quality double visor helmet with a pump action feature to provide complete protection and prevent head injuries when riding a motorbike. You can approach a respectable and trustworthy business like Oxide Bike to buy genuine goods of high quality, which will secure your safety.

Recommendations for choosing a dual visor full-face motorcycle helmet

Be aware of your head's size

Every person is unique in their body type and head size. Therefore, you should know your head size before looking for a helmet. The three primary forms of head structures are oval-shaped: long, moderate, and round.

Try on a helmet before purchasing it. It's not for you if you feel pressure being applied in all the wrong places. Therefore, it is crucial to test a helmet to determine precisely where it applies pressure. Then, your head will fit your helmet like a crown, eliminating pain.


The crucial benefit of a helmet is that it keeps your eyes safe while enhancing your ability to see well on the road. You must use particular caution as a rider while selecting the visor on a helmet. To improve eyesight, a visor ought to be transparent.

AIS mark

The highest degree of certification that ensures a product's standard is an ISI (Indian Standard Institute) mark. Search for a helmet with an ISI mark to ensure the product meets established standards. Such marks on helmets may be costly, but they will offer the best level of safety.


The main benefit of a helmet is that it can shield your head from harm in the event of a collision or other major accident. The importance of interior cushioning in providing the required protection cannot be overstated. Make sure the helmet you purchase has sufficient padding to withstand the impact of a fatal collision. A helmet will not protect your head with a flat interior surface.


The better helmet choice, like many other things in the world of motorcycles, is the one that appeals to and talks to you the most. A dual-visor full-face motorcycle helmet may appear better, but single-visor helmets are easier to own. However, double-visor helmets, which allow for variations in visual brightness with the flip of a button, outperform single-visor helmets in terms of pure convenience. It could be a good idea to start with an inexpensive helmet of either type if you're unclear about which might fit your riding preferences best. Then, you can monitor how your choices and riding style change over time.